Question Which Ethernet connection to use if mb has 2?


May 25, 2015
My motherboard comes with 2 Ethernet connectors, an Intel I219-V and an I211-AT. Which one is better to use? I can't find anything in the mb manual to give me any guidance, other than that the I219-V is always listed first. (I'm too far from my router to do any aggregation.) Thank you!
according to

  • Receive Side Scaling (RSS) support on both up to two RSS queues per TX and RX (didn’t check if each driver supports them). Interestingly, the I210 supports up to four RSS queues and may result in better performance at very high load.
  • Jumbo Frames up to 9KB on I219 and up to 9.5kB on the I211.
  • Low power features on the I219 claims to consume less then 1 mW with Ethernet cable disconnected (perfect for not using it).
  • Receive Side Coalescing (RSC) not available on either.
  • Direct Cache Access (DCA) is available on the I211.
  • CPU Offloading features supported by the I211 include TCP segmentation and various checksums. The I219 only advertises ARP offloading support.
  • Virtualization features like VMDq are not supported.
  • VLANs are supported.
  • Linux PTP is supported by the I211 + igb driver for precision timestamping with IEEE 5188. Verify with ethtool -T eth0.
bottom line: pick whichever fits your cable management better unless one of the features listed is a killer feature for your tasks. 99% of home users won't notice any difference.
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