Which gaming keyboard?


Jan 9, 2012
so ive had to razer lycossa for about 9 months now and its starting to break(will have to unplug and replug it back in for it to work and the backlighting goes off randomly).

most of bad reviews on them are from them starting to break after 6 months to a year of use and i would expect to get at least 2 years out of a keyboard, i dont know if they just got a bad one or if this is common?

heres the things im looking for in a keyboard:

- mechanical
- good for mmo and fps
- have feet to adjust tilt(the sidewinder x6 is out because it doesnt have these)
- good anti ghosting(i fly jets in bf3 with my arrow keys instead of the mouse so this is a must)
- some kind of backlighting, prefer blue to go with my theme but if its a good keyboard it wont bug me
- media keys, or be able to macro keys to be used as media keys
- a wrist rest, i find it annoying without one but if i have to i will go without
- would prefer the cherry mx red twitches but any will do

keyboards im looking at:

- razer blackwidow ultimate
- cyborg v7(not too crazy about this one because their customer service sucks)
- Saitek Eclipse II
- logitech g510
- Corsair Vengeance K90


Jun 30, 2009
I'm using the razer black widow ultimate and am NOT happy with it! Some of the keys (left ctrl, a, d) keep getting stuck when pressed. Started happening within 40-50 days of the purchase. Wouldn't advise it.

In those choices, I'd say either the Logitech or the Corsair.


ram that keyboard its broken... mechanical keys shouldnt sticj as the pretty much sealed unlike membrane 1s. so if a key is sticking it means the plastic is either malformed or the spring lever is warped/broken... so it needs to be returned for a replacement...

personally i wouldnt but a specific gaming keyboard if i was going mechanical...
as there sporting a pretty heafty premium...
keybards like the microsoft x4 or if you want a backlighted 1 like the qpad 85 are well worth a look... the m.s keyboard although cheap is very compitent and shouldnt be disregarded as it offers everything you need from a gaming grade keyboard... it has anti ghosting, a good response time and is pretty well made...
razer on the other hand have build quality issues... about a quarter of there keyboards are sent out already broken from the factory. which is pretty damn poor for a company that charges so much for its hardware...



Apr 18, 2011
I'd have to second the Corsair. It does meet every single one of your requirements.

The razer keys sticking is not a rare problem. You should be able to RMA that keyboard since it is a common malfunction.


Jan 19, 2012
first of all I am just basing this in my experience.
never had problem's with logitech products (I just got lucky I guess..)
my classic logitech keyboard and mouse is still alive and keyboard key's still feel's brand new(I regularly clean it) and it's almost 6 years old...

Corsair is a great company and has great potential, though never tried there keyboard product's

go with what you are comfortable with , if there's a store you can try them out, go for it and see what suites you :love:

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