Which graphic card and case for FSX on core i7 system in mid 2009???


Jul 21, 2009
Im planning to build my new core i7 system and my main goal is to fluently run MS Flight Simulator X, having seen the best performances are given from geforce 8800 gts or 9800 gtx /gx2 which are slightly out of date respect the rest of the system technology and more difficoult to find (specially with <=1gb vram). which graphic card would you suggest for the use? the gts250 has the same core of the above I've read, will it work well with fsx? and for the enclosure/power supply woud be correct an antec sonata with a 500w PS? or would be better to go for an antec perfomance one serie P182 with a 650W PS? Thank you in advance for the kind and expert collaboration.
I'd also suggest a larger PSU, the X58 motherboards I think, now all support both CF and SLI so a bit more power will leave that option open for the future without having to get a larger PSU then...If you intend to take that route.
The GTS 250 is still a good card but if you're going to play at higher resolutions or with high details, I'd suggest something with more clout:The GTX260 or even the GTX275.
Perhaps a few of the FSX players out there will chip in with their experiences as well.


May 20, 2006
I am running FSX with the GTX 275's in SLI. I was running it with a 9800gx2.
SLI will not benefit you, will even slow you down in some cases, with that being said, I still get more FPS.
Keep in mind that FSX is not so much GPU dependent as it is CPU dependent. I am running a corei7 920 @ 3.8ghz, this in it's self was the real kicker for increasing frame rates. Here is one of several guides for improving your FSX experience.