Which graphics would you go for?


May 17, 2008
Hello all

I'm abit of a noob when it comes down to deciding what would be the best setup for my pc so i'll let you guys decide.

I'm going to be upgrading my pc within the next week and basically just wondering what graphic card setup would be worth going for with this rig,

Pretty sure i'll be going with this bundle: http://overclockers.co.uk/showproduct.php?prodid=BU-003-OB - now would it be best to throw in a 295, theres one on the overclockers site, a BFG one - is there much difference between that or an EVGA? or would it be best to go for 4870x2 or two 4870's in crossfire, also what would the recommeded PSU be to power one of those cards?

thanks for reading, any comments will be appreciated.
First of all if you don't know what to get, meaning you are new to this then I would suggest you read, read and do some more reading before you spend good coin on all those high end parts......