Question Which laptop is better ?


May 17, 2009
I was handed a bag of laptops today... always a good day when that happens. All older machines I'd like to put a few bucks into one for my workshop for music, and connecting to the 3018-Pro CNC and 3D Printer I ordered today as well. Fun day.

#1) Dell Inspiron 3542 with a Core i3-4030u processor and 15.6" screen. Has 4GB ram, DDR3L-1600 and 1 slot. So, would have to buy an 1x8GB module, about $50.

It's the newest and I was told the fastest, but then noticed the one was sluggish and bloatware infested... but

#2) Dell Latitude E6320 with a Core i5-2520m processor but only a 13.3" screen, only 2GB, DDR3-1066 but has 2 slots.

Both max at 8GB ram. I have a 128GB SSD drive already sitting here from something else. Checked Benchmarks between both CPU and Graphics Cards (links below).

Kinda torn between the two because I like the bigger screen but benchmarks show the i5 as being much faster, then again the i3 has better video card. Sadly I jumped the gun and ordered an 8GB stick of ram already for the i3... I could take the 4GB from it and put into the i5 but some sites say the DDR3l-1600 will work in the i5 and some sites say it won't. Still time to cancel I think.

Which way would you guys lean towards? Faster CPU? or faster GPU and bigger screen? Sometimes these benchmarks ay "much faster" or "much better" but barely noticeable when in actual use.

Again... not for gaming. Mostly music, and sending G-Code, Google/YouTube videos for How-To stuff.... maybe some movies which is why the i3 may be better.

CPU Benchmarks

GPU Benchmarks