Question Which monitor better to choose?

Apr 23, 2020
So, I'm on a reaaally tight budget, there even isn't a stable amount of money. The thing is, I'm looking for a new monitor(s) for my gaming setup. I found two monitors, but I'm not sure which one to choose.
The first monitor is AOC 24v2q for 135 EURO (IPS panel - good colors and excellent viewing angles, sadly the blacks are a bit crushed, 75Hz, Freesync, REALLY slim bezels that make up for a really sleek addition that I would love.)
The second monitor is ACER ED242QR for 155 EURO (VA panel - meh colors and meh viewing angles, 144hz, Freesync, Curved display, ok bezels.)
I know that the obvious answer would be to choose the Acer monitor but I am on a serious tight budget and I kinda care for color juiciness and sleekness, ofc the 144hz and curved display is also good, but you can check for yourself and give your opinion.


Nov 16, 2014
Going to say the same as what I said to the post before, if you're strapped for cash, just buy second hand. Far better price/performance.
From what I know, VA is better than TN at lower price points, in terms of image quality, that second monitor sounds pretty good at that price to be honest.
Viewing angles don't matter, when's the last time you've watched a movie from below your monitor? Never, that's what adjustable monitor stands are for.
If the brightness is enough on the Acer, I wouldn't even consider the AOC to be honest, since you can just saturate the Acer to the point where it looks good enough in-game compared to the AOC. Since it's an IPS panel, you're probably going to get more motion blur due to response times too. Even then, 75hz isn't really enough to properly game on imo.