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Which motherboard should I buy B360M D3H or TUF B360-PRO GAMING mobo?


Dec 15, 2017
I plan to pair one of them (becaus these are my only options because I cant shop online due to my countrys limitations) with the i5-8400 so except the price difference which one do you guys think is better for: overall performance,better protection for different parts on the motherboard (voltage protection and stuff like that),longevity and which one has the most (and most relevant)ports,features and stuff like that so if you can please mention as much as you can and thank you in advance.
they are a bit different form factor.
there will be no difference in performance whatsoever.
they have about the same features
there is 1 extra M.2 slot on asus vs 1 extra internal USB 2.0 header on GB. up to you what you need/want more.
longevity, i'd bet on ASUS.
if the price is the same, i'd actually go with the asus one.

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