Question Which one is worth choosing?

Jun 9, 2019
hi guys, before i ask my question i want to say thanks for your help on that question "which one is better for gaming system". i built my gaming system with this parts:

CPU: Core i9 9900K
Mother Board: Z390 ACE
PSU: V850 Cooler master
CPU cooler: Captain 360 EX
Ram: 2*8 GB G-SKILL trident Z 3200 Mhz

and now one more step remain, Graphics Card. i have 2 items here: 1- MSI RTX 2070 Gaming Z and 2- MSI RX 5700XT, i know RX 5700XT 70$ Cheaper than RTX 2070 but for me it doesn't matter, in the bench marks i see RX 5700XT beat RTX 2070 but in the quality RTX have a new technology names ray tracking is that really important for gaming and spend 70$ for that? one more thing my monitor have free sync technology and 1920*1080 resolution. I hope you guys understood my question.

thanks again.


May 18, 2019
RTX is not important just makes the games look more beautiful depending on the type of ray tracing but I'd WAIT a little longer because blowers can overheat a lot easier AIB cards come out very soon so just wait a few more weeks and then I'd go 5700XT.
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Aug 2, 2019
I suggest the 5700xt as well. Ray tracing is just a lighting effect the improves the realism in games. While it will eventually be standard in games its just not worth it right now unless you just have to have it. But do wait a lot of AMD's board partners are about to put out their better versions of the 5700 xt with better cooling solutions over the next few weeks.
Ray tracing adds reflections to games. They look cool, but have a major performance hit. Also, the games that suport this technology are few and far between.

While I am sure ray tracing will become relevent with time, original 20 series rtx cards will be long obsolete before this.

The main issue with current 5700xt is the blower style cooler. I would wait for non blower models.


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