Which psu should i use to run a asus gtx 750 ti. http://imgur.com/GJMich2 or http://imgur.com/aRvTruH

@BobbyBuckets, I'm guessing the Bestec was pulled from a pre-built HP an the Delta from a Gateway rig. Either has enough wattage for the 750 Ti, but may I ask you, what the store is pricing them at? Or do you already own them? I personally don't know which one is higher quality, therefore I'd probably just pick the higher wattage Delta. With that said, if you are in the market for a new power supply, then I recommend that you pick a better quality unit. Also, what is the price that you're planning on paying for the 750 Ti and what games do you plan on playing? If you had a better quality of power supply, I'd recommend at least a GTX 950 instead.


Dec 14, 2015
The hp one came with my desktop and the delta was given to me so i don't know the retail price. I already own the 750 ti andill be using it to play older games like lost planet 1, mw2, cod 4. But i will be using it to play newer games in the future and ill probably upgrade by then.



Delta psus tend to be decent to good quality and bestecs are usually poor quality. The 12v rail on that bestec is weak at only 19a I wouldn't suggest running a 750Ti with it. The Delta has a max of 30a for the 12v rails and will probably be ok depending on the rest of the system specs