Question Which settings should I be using in game with this system?


Apr 11, 2019
Windows 10 Pro
Intel i7 4670K 4 core 8 HT
GTX 1060 Ti 4GB VRAM
700W PSU
Windows installed on SSD and games installed on two different HDDs

Which in game graphics settings I should be using for mostly performance but also a bit quality, I also have to take care the temps, I will be a reg file from a trusted source to keep the CPU GHz to around 1.65GHz or so and will be using windows power settings to reduce the CPU power a bit, and MSI afterburner to reduce GPU power % to 70. Please remember this is a computer from another era and I cannot make upgrades on it simply because we don't want to, we want to use it as it is without frying anything. I can also put a home fan to cool down the PC case inside and a air blower to take care the dust every month or so. I also created HWinfo64 temp alarms.

You see, I think I'm prepared at some level for gaming, for starters, which settings should I be using for Witcher 3 next gen upgrade? I heard shadow quality and terrain quality are the most fps killers in any open world game so should I reduce them to lowest as possible? for res ı will be playing 720p or 1440p in fullscreen or windowed mode. Should I be set the detail quality to High and texture quality to low? Others will be reduced to lowest as much as possible. I'm targeting the stable 30fps, is that possible at all?

Thank you so much for reading this wall of text of mine
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Which in game graphics settings I should be using for mostly performance but also a bit quality, I also have to take care the temps...
i7 4670K
GTX 1060 Ti
games installed on two different HDDs
any decent looking AAA game from the last ~8 years or so should be run on all low settings and 1080p max resolution with this setup for any decent performance.
and you'd be lucky to even get decent performance.
Hey there,

So the first thing I would say is, that if you reduce the CPU speed to 1.65ghz and your GPU power to 70%, you are literally hobbling your PC with gaming.

Your PC is still able to play most games pretty well, with mostly reduced in game settings. I'd suggest trying medium settings of a game and see. Yes, your system is older but capable enough for casual gaming and some decent settings. If medium isn't good enough, then you may have to drop it to low settings.

Unfortunately, we cannot guess or tell you what exact settings to use. You have to do a little work and change the settings to see what suits each individual games that you play.

Also, are you sure the GTX1060 is a 4gb? IIRC they was only a 3gb and 6gb version.
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I am not really sure why you insist on handicapping the CPU by limiting it such?

Put on a proper cooler and let it run.

I should think that if you run 720, you likely will be able to run a mix of medium settings and probably see 60 FPS. Reduce that to low/mid settings for 1080 and if possible use the various variable quality/resolution settings. This rig would not, IMO, be fit for 1440 gaming, even at low. I think the dips would create an unpleasant experience.
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Apr 11, 2019
Thanks all, I decided to play RDR2 Story Mode instead on that computer, I used to run Mid to High (720p30fps) settings in its online part: "Red Dead Online" so it should work it is basically same game with "online" it's in the name. I know people like to exaggerate when it comes to tech but I did played many AAA games on that system and at least I should able to run it in 20fps, 720p with some higher graphics. Plus, increasing the res while lowering graphics makes zero sense, one can play in much more higher visuals when lowering the res a bit, it's aint a big deal.

I cannot get a proper cooling at the moment as I mentioned in my main post, so I have to reduce CPU power instead.

Anyhow, thank you all