Question Which used GPU should I buy?

May 9, 2020
Recently, my GTX 1050TI (ZOTAC) just died after 3-4 years of use, not too sure about the reason and I am searching for a replacement and I'm wondering if I should look for a used GPU or a new one. I'm not too sure about the consequences of buying a used GPU but it's a lot more cheaper than a new one.

Here is the price list of used GPUs that's around where i live:
RX580 8G: $160
RX580 4G: $120
RX480 8G: $130
RX480 4G: $120

GTX1050Ti: $100
GTX1060 6GB: $170
GTX 980: $140
GTX 970: $110
GTX 1650 Super: $180
GTX 1650: $130

I'm also wondering about which type of brand should I go with. I bought a ZOTAC GTX 1050TI due to its price being cheaper than other brands, but right now I'm questioning about the quality of it.

I'm leaning towards the RX480 8GB, but I'm still not too sure if its the best option and if my PSU is able to handle it. The types of game that I play are Genshin Impact and R6. I want it to be a bit of an upgrade from a GTX1050TI if possible.

Currently I'm running an i7 2700k, 12GB RAM, and 550W PSU.