Question Why am I experiencing poor performance with my new 2080TI ?


Jun 18, 2016
GPU: Zotac AMP RTX 2080TI
CPU: I5-8600k (4.0 Ghz)
RAM: 2X8 G.SKILL Aegis 3000
MOBO: Z370 MSI Gaming Plus

I've been having issues with low fps in games, the ones I've played so far with the new card are Metro Exodus, Star Citizen, Hunt Showdown, Arma 3. I originally bought the card because at some point I wanted to upgrade to 4K gaming but the performance I'm getting is giving me concerns with if there is a problem with my system holding it back, or an issue with the card. In all games I played them on 1920X1080P, in Metro Exodus It hitches and studders and the FPS will constantly drop from 60-40 to 4 and freeze for a few seconds. In Arma 3 I receive around 65FPS on max settings playing Multiplayer KOTH, and it will dip down to the low 40's. In the Hunt I get around low 100's which is similar performance to my friends FPS whilst he has a 1080 and a I9 9900K. I'm not sure exactly what the issue might be and any feedback about what it might be and how to solve it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in Advance!


Some games are cpu limited.
Some games are graphics limited.
The 9900K is a beast, particularly playing multiplayer games where the 16 threads of the 9900K are very helpful.
It should clock near 5.0

If you have a good cpu cooler, I think you can overclock your 8600K higher.
as of 3/22/2018
What % of I5-8600k chips can oc
at a aggressive vcore of 1.4 or so and delidded
4.9 96%
5.0 85%
5.1 66%
5.2 38%
5.3 13%

Note the delidded caveat.
That is why a good cooler is needed.