Question Why am I getting Black Screens?

Oct 6, 2021
Hey everyone, I recently bought a second hand 1080 strix for my setup:
2x8gb ddr4
1080p 60hz office monitor
+rgb accesories (fans, mouse, keyboard)

Every now and then, i'm using windows/gaming, when the monitor suddenly turns black and says: "No VGA output". I am using a VGA to HDMI adapter, bc monitor is vga only.
I have tried EVERYTHING, asked for help on reddit, friends, ppl from other forums etc. With the 650w PCU that I have bought this was a DAILY issue, sometimes 3-5 times a DAY. Then i bought this psu, that did not give me any problems for 10 days. Yesterday i got black screen. Today I got black screen... idk why or how to fix it.

I'm on the latest NVIDIA drive, NO overclock, updated bios and windows 10 latest version(s).
When i get the black screen, my GPU is working, fans are spinning and the led is on, CPU is working, mouse/keyboard/fans everything is workin/glowing but I get no signal from the card.

Can anyone help me fix this? I have ran out of ideas, pls?


My guess it the VGA to HDMI adapter. I had my GPU in a vertical mount, which required me to use a display port adapter since my cord wasn't long enough with how the mounting bracket was and would get the same random black screens. I bought a longer cord and it fixed the issue.

Are you able to buy a cord like this one below or look to upgrade your monitor to one that supports HDMI?

The other question, does the issue go away if you put the old card back in and connect directly with the VGA cable?

Going to the worse case, the 1080 that you got second hand has issues. I doubt that is the case but trying to remove the adapter to rule that concern out.

The PSU should have enough power but I'm not sure of the brand quality to know if there is any risk of subpar performance from the PSU. It is one area you try to make sure you get "top tier" within your budget as it impacts all components.