Question Why am I lagging/stuttering in MW?

Oct 28, 2019
I bought the new Modern Warfare on PC this year because of the cross platform compatibility. In my opinion, I thought my PC specs was good enough to run the game at a steady 60fps @ 1080p on the highest settings.
(GTX 980ti 6Gb, i5 8400, 8gb RAM)

But I guess I was wrong, you see the recommended specs for the game is GTX 970 i5 2500k 12GB RAM. I knew I didnt meet the 12GB of RAM but I was like "eh who cares" and bought the game anyways. The game runs well when you're just running around (steady 95 fps @ highest settings), but when you start shooting/get shot at.... its lag city from there. The game starts stuttering uncontrollably and I just can hardly win any gun fights.

I've played through the lag since the release. (Being lvl 44) I've finally decided that I want a fun experience on the game rather than the experience im having now. But the only problem is, I dont know whats causing the stuttering problem. I dont know if my CPU is bottle necking the GPU or I simply dont have enough RAM. PLEASE HELP ME TOMS HARDWARE COMMUNITY! BE MY BATMAN
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