Question Why are most Ryzen Zen3 5xxx CPU prices going up with Zen4 7xxx CPUs available this week?


Mar 20, 2016
I've been watching prices for a friend who wants to upgrade his current AMD system but who doesn't want replace everything to have the new Zen4. He has been waiting for the right time to buy his preferred CPU but the price has gone up about $40 since I recommended it so he is waiting to see if it returns to "normal"

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every time we get a new gen drop, this is asked.

these old cpu's will NEVER get as cheap as folks keep wishing they will. still a strong demand right now so price stays up. when demand drops, they will have stopped making them and now it's still supply and demand at work.

demand for a limited supply = price stays up.

it may go down a touch in a couple months but nothing like everyone pretends happens. sorry but that's just the way it is.
Looking at Zen 4...actually the whole AM5 platform...costs it seems obvious Zen 3/AM4 is going to be the budget choice until B650 boards are out and DDR5 prices comes down. Maybe even after that until AMD builds up enough low-binned chiplets to make up a budget line of Zen 4 CPU's.

But alone, that doesn't seem a convincing reason prices should go back up. Maybe it's true there was some pent-up demand for upgrades that suddenly decided to go with an AM4 solution once the the full price of a complete AM5 platform change was apparent. As it's been said: supply/demand is at work here. But if that's the case the wave of upgraders will die down soon enough, in which case I can imagine prices will fall back in line.

At least until AMD decides to stop producing desireable AM4 CPU's (like 5800X3d).
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The AM4 platform, as a value proposition is amazing.

The motherboards and ram are dirt cheap.

They are not that power hungry, so stock coolers are sufficient

And, in general, improvements in gaming, will be from relieving bottlenecks in the GPU.

Frankly, unless you are doing coding, video compression, graphic design, etc, I am not sure how much benefit you are going to get going to better CPUs.

Is Johnny Gamer, with his 3080, playing in 4k even going to notice a difference from a 5600x and a 7950x? I very much doubt it.
Oct 5, 2022
well if my experience is anything to go by, AM5 is a bit of a S***Show currently with random crashes and the like, not entirely surprising given its a new platform and CPU, but that combined with the price is probably pushing people toward AM4 because its cheaper, rock steady in terms of stability and in some cases (5800X3d) outperforms AM5 in gaming.
Most of us don't need the latest and greatest.
I personally wait 6 month to a year before adopting a new platform.
Let someone else be the beta testers .
Once it becomes a stable platform I upgrade.
Stability over performance any day.
Don't take it wrong , I overclock to the stable limits/within reasonable voltage, everything on every computer I have ever owned.
I caught the bug early, but stability trumps everything.

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and of course this EXACT same question will be asked as soon as the 4000 series from nvidia comes out and the new amd gpu's, and so on and so on

we all wish the old stuff would go on super 90% clearance but that is just not reality and never has been .