Question Why does my laptop screen goes crazy after 30 minutes of use?

Jan 18, 2022

Laptop: Ativbook 2
CPU: i3 3110M

The freezing+artifacting happens regardless of the load. Either running at full throttle or just browsing the web with a couple of tabs open, after 20-30 minutes the artifacting begins and the laptop completely locks up.
Temps aren't particularly high for an old laptop(mid 50s), but I cleaned the whole thing and changed the thermal paste just to be sure but nothing changed.

Don't know if this information helps, but I used to abuse the hell out of it before I bought a PC. It ran the games it could for hours with temps hitting the high 90s even with a fan pointed directly at it. The weird thing is that those issues only showed up a few months after I stopped using it under those extreme circunstances.

The black dot is just a bunch of dead pixels that showed up a few years ago so please ignore it.

Thanks in advance for your time.