Question Why does my motherboard refuse to read hard drives now?

Jun 25, 2019
Hey! So I idiotically was trying to move my desk a few feet with my computer tower and monitor and everything still on my desk and I look up to see the tower starting to tip over. I'm near it so I manage to catch it mid-fall. Here's the problem: when my hand made contact with the side of the case to catch it, it had some impact which in turn possibly messed up the motherboard (because it was the side of the case where the motherboard was screwed in) and the thing I don't get is though, my hand was like 3 inches away from the board area. I don't see how that could've affected it.

At first after that only the fans of my PC would power on, but the computer wouldn't fully boot. Now my computer boots consistently but now neither my SSD or standard Seagate hard drive can be read in the BIOS.

Here's a list of things I have tried already:

- Use different SATA cables and hard drives

- Remove CMOS battery, wait 30 seconds and place back in

- Plugged in a working DVD drive just to see if that will even work in the computer (and it didn't)

So as of now, I am typing this on a live session of Ubuntu I have running from a flash drive. I am clueless as to what the issue might be, my go-to thought is just to assume the SATA port area of the motherboard is dead. But I don't exactly have the extra money to put towards a new board currently so I wanna try every diagnosis first. I appreciate you all reading this and I hope to get some replies!

Computer: Dell Optiplex 990 (fat version)