Why don't NVIDIA make 512 and 448 bit cards today like in the Fermi era?

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You need to see the whole picture. Its easy to just point the finger at "memory bus width" without understanding how it all works.

Nvidia wouldnt intentionally go with something that would make its product perform worse - There is obviously other benefits to using a smaller bus in some cases.


It's not that they are intending that their product perform worse - they're just fine with that much bandwidth.
Have any of you guys heard of Linear Programming? There we have a set of constraints and a function we have to maximize or minimize; for example, given raw material and labour constraints and to maximize profit/reduce cost.
Maybe they're using a similar approach using various test cases - past data shows that there is x % improvement in general using more memory bandwidth, but it increases cost and power consumption by y %, so strike the right balance of x and y to get out the maximum real world performance out of the card.


Oct 8, 2013
I see that the 7870 has lower bandwidth, but the review still points out a bottleneck and I remember AnandTech mentioning that the GTX 770 was an improvement over the GTX 680 bottleneck at higher resolutions, so my take is that Nvidia is skimming on the quality, the same way they kept selling high end cards with only 2GB. When I bought the 770 I thought about it all and it was really a hard decision to make. I won't go back to AMD because the Nvidia drivers are not giving me the trouble I had with AMD, but I don't like to pay that much for a card with outdated features and that might well be bottlenecking my game.
Hello... Good point CST... Untill the day they start making their Own memory Chips you are at the mercy of your venders on price.

I became a Nvidia Guy, back with Geforce 3, Using, installing, and configering the ATI Software is still, to this Day, something I never look forward too. I Never fear the NVida driver installs for a Build, Upgrade, or repair.