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Why iOS 12 May Be More Secure

Some of these features can increase security. Some are annoyances. Some need more work.

Restricted USB Mode: Many people have no need for USB devices at all. All they use the port for is charging. There should be an option to set it to always off. No one hour window or one second window. It just won't make any attempt to connect to a USB device.

SMS 2FA: This is an improvement security wise. It is also a pain for users who don't want it. It keeps bothering you to enable two factor authentication without a permanent refuse option. Optional security is great, forced or high pressure security is not.

Automatic Updates: This is worrying. One can only hope they don't force this in the future or turn on permanent nagging. Sometimes updates fail or introduce new critical bugs. Then you are stuck with a useless phone until you have time to restore from a backup. Windows 10 is infamous for this. Especially when you are trying to work and need to reboot. Only to find out you have to wait updates with no option to override.

Password suggestions: It's a good idea. It can also be annoying on websites with backward policies which don't allow good passwords. There is also the issue of password managers autofill not being 100% reliable. My experience is closer to 50% reliable. I can work the manual fill copy/paste just fine. This is daunting to impossible for the average user.