Question Why is Windows 11 so laggy in comparison to Win 7 and Win 10?

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Jun 8, 2018
I don't know if it's just me but currently I am triple booting Win7, Win10 and Win11 and Win 11 is easily the least responsive.
Windows 7 and 10 are way snappier when opening everything.

I have all three os's on my SSD.

Why is this?

My system:

MB: M5A78L-M LX V2
GPU: R7 240 2GB
1 HD + 1 SSD
PSU: Gamemax GP 650
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What I don't understand is why Microsoft would make Win11 so demanding and practically exclude
people with low end pcs. What is the logic behind it?
Simply put, Windows 11 uses better security features in modern CPU's and motherboards that versions of Windows other than 11 cannot support.

More completely, Windows 11 requires a TPM, which is a cryptographic hardware feature that Windows uses to manage more secure authentication and general security. Windows 11 also requires SecureBoot, which uses the features of UEFI firmware to guarantee the authenticity of the Windows boot files. UEFI is the replacement for MBR and changes the boot process completely, as well as the system disk format (to GPT). Windows 11 also requires CPUs to...


It does when they pull support for that old OS that is plenty good enough. Did we need win vista? Nope win xp still gets the job done but pull support and introduce "safety" features that need new hardware.

Win 7 is still good enough but we are forced to win 10 why? No new hardware was needed buts it's still forced on people who don't need nor want it. No kick backs there but lots of juicy data mining dollars to get.
Win 7 was supported for 11 years. 2009 - 2020
At some point, they pull the plug.