Question Why my external enclosure + hdd need "write caching"? If not, it will disconnect when transfer files

Jan 13, 2022
I have problem that I posted here:

You can open that link for my test result, etc. I ask again here because I still dont get anwers.


I have 3 enclosure and an HGST HDD but it always disconnects when I copy files.

No overheat. HDD still normal. Enclosure good. And there's no problem at all when I try it on laptop, it only happen in my PC.

But my pc health is good too, because when I try with other external drive. It works well no problem. You can read my links for my complete problems.

But when I enable write-caching the problem is solved, no more disconnect. The problem is I don't want to use that feature because when there's a power outage it may corrupt my data because I cant eject first.

So is there any way to solve this disconnect problem without having write-caching enabled ?