Why my modem malfunctions in heavy usage?


Jul 19, 2012
Hi, There
I got a nokia siemens sl -141 wifi enabled dsl router modem ... It worked all fine in the starting I kept it on overnight many times for large downloads sometimes using lan cable and other times using its wifi..

But after some days it started to reboot frequently .. sometimes going into reboot cycle for hours before getting stable for relatively short time...

another point is I was able to use it as router to transfer files between two pc over lan cable .. but doing the same over wifi (data rates 8MB/sec) causes it to go to reboot cyles and it overheats badly. However it works fine for sometime if i use its wifi for internet (data rate 64-120 kBps) ..

but as far as I know it should be able to handle heavy data transfers and after all what good is a router for if it can't serve the purpose well..

what could be a possible problem? If the modem needs to be replaced which one should be the one which can withstand prolonged usage and large transfers over wifi?
It may be a cooling issue. Try putting a fan on it. If it's under warranty, RMA it. Another thing that prevents lots of downloads, especially torrents is memory. if there isn't enough memory to hold everything, it has to swap a lot of info almost constantly (which may lead to the overheating). The more memory, the easier it can handle it's address tables and so forth.