Discussion Why so difficult to get a white AMD B550M Motherboard?


Apr 12, 2012
So I want to upgrade from my current AMD Ryzen 5-2600 to a 3000 CPU for my current mATX build. I want a B550M motherboard in white. (and, yes, I know ASRock has motherboards with some white or silverish panels or heatsink coverings, but they are not white motherboards!) Colorful has recently released a CVN B550M Gaming Frozen V14 mATX motherboard with a suggested retail price of US$125, but other than Colorful product announcements last month (July) in anandtech, wccftech, TechPowerUp, back2gaming, and several some other techie-sites, the only place I see this motherboard listed is banggood.com for US$202.69, marked down to $189.99 with $20 new user coupon and $0.98 shipping, but 3 weeks transit...or on aliexpress.com, I found it for $143.86, with $2 discount (new user), $10.69 S&H, and $6.11 to use PayPal, and again 2-3 weeks transit from China. Again the Colorful announcement listed this white (the Frozen) gaming model at $125 and a black, simpler Colorful B550M Gaming Pro for closer to $120. I don't want a rip-off like I see on Banggood's vendors; and the two aliexpress vendors I see are also charging a high premium. I contact Amazon and they won't give me the time of day for a new product request! And the two requests and two comments sent to NewEgg get the same cold shoulder - "We don't carry that product. Thank you for your interest." Doesn't anyone else want a white mATX motherboard? I feel like it's like Henry Ford has arisen in the ASUS, Gigabyte, ASRock, etc. design depatments saying, "Hey, that's OK, just tell the kids they can have any motherboard color they want as long as it's black." (OK, screed over - y'all take care of yourselves - stay healthy and happy!) :)