Question Why some videos do not play on second monitor

Sep 27, 2019
So I have this laptop, I'll give the details below, but it has a igpu and a dgpu, the issue is that when I connect an external monitor using the HDMI port, some videos on google chrome won't play (or render idk) on it, the video section of the webpage will stay frozen or black, even if I duplicate the screens, the main screen on the laptop will play everything fine but the monitor won't.

Here are some facts:

- If I select on the windows graphics configurations the google chrome app to use the dgpu all the time everything works fine.

- this happens only in some web video players, youtube for instance works fine. haven't tested on video players apps like MPC or WMP or VLC, but I don't really need to use these.

- The external monitor says its being driven by the dgpu. and I dont know if there is a way to change this.

You might say, well you just gave yourself a fix, but the thing is, that I live in this place where we have constant power outages for hours at a time, and I need my laptop to last as long as possible for me to do my job, and I assume (might be wrong here) that if some of my applications use the dgpu my battery won't last as long. and while it might not be that inconvenient to manually switch back and forth the setting so that crhome uses whatever gpu I decide, I do find this problem really weird and was wondering of there might be a workaround.

my laptop model and specs:
  • hp pavilion 15-bc450ns
  • igpu: intel uhd graphics 630
  • dgpu: nvidia gforce gtx 1050
  • windows 10 pro v1903
and thanks in advance, have a good day.


Per the SKU for your laptop, the laptop comes with an Nvidia GTX1050 so it's rather power efficient. Regardless, it's best if you had both GPU's(internal and discrete function). That being said, are you on the latest BIOS update for your laptop? Have you tried installing the latest drivers for the UHD 630 and the GTX 1050 manually downloading drivers from Intel and Nvidia's support sites respectively?