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Mar 2, 2019
Hoping these questions make sense.

After seeing the rising hype for Wifi 6 aka 802.11ax routers, a few questions to ask.

Will 802.11ax routers make any difference when used with 802.11ac adapters, or must they be used with adapters to experience any difference?

Also, is there a chance of USB 802.1ax adapters being introduced in the future?
if u use AX router with AC adapter, then it will run in AC mode, no benefit of AX

at this moment, AX devices are just access points, or M.2 wifi cards
there are on another hand usb devices where u can put inside m.2 card so it can act like usb wifi dong, or they already have m.2 card in it.
one such device with built in m.2 already (since its intel wifi 6, it also got bluetooth 5.0 with it)
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I am sure they are in the process of manufacturing them now. I bet in 6 months there is a good selection on the market. Although I never checked to be sure the standard for 802.11ax should have been finalized in December.

Many manufacture did not want to risk a last minute change so they waited. With all the routers being sold based on what they though was going to be in the final standard you would think some manufacture makes the nic cards before the standard was fixed.

What likely happened none of the chipset vendors ,there only 3 big ones, put out a pre-certified USB chip so the companies the sell end equipment had no parts to buy.

Will be interesting to see when this stuff gets into the live market and enough people have it so we know how well it really works. It sounds good on paper but having everyone use even more bandwidth than they currently do you would think would just make the interference issue even worse.
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