Question wifi connection problem

Dec 25, 2018
i have a problem it used to be where i could connect to the internet on my pc then it would disconnect randomly but i uninstalled a bunch of things and now its to where if i launch up a game my connection on my pc becomes very slow where i cant find any games or watch youtube when i have a game launched and the only thing i do on my pc is play games and watch youtube and i think its my wifi card but im not sure heres my wifi card (at least i think this is).
Realtek 8821ae wireless lan 802.11ac pci-e nic
Driver version: 2023.81.502.2018

driver date: 6/13/2018

hopefully someone can give me a solution.


What version of OS are you using, and do you know what exact model adapter you are using? If you are not sure can you post pics of it?

The model of the router and where it is located in your residence compared to where you are trying to get wifi reception would also be helpful.

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