Question Wifi extremely slow - MSI B450i Gaming Plus AC

May 13, 2020
I have an issue with my computer only getting roughly 1/10 the upload and download speeds as my old laptop. Same location in the house. I think it has always been like this but I didn't notice how bad it was until recently. I have gone through all of the standard wifi fixes with MSI to no avail. I then sent the mobo back to MSI for repair. After reassembling, the issue is still there and they claim there is nothing wrong with the board's wifi (they may have replaced something, though this was not clear in the notes). I am at a loss for what to do. I am considering re-installing windows, and tinkering with BIOS, but have not idea if doing so would help. Any guidance or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance!
Did Msi have you go into the Gaming Lan manager settings in bios for the Traffic Shaping.
I have not done anything with it yet so I can't help on the Gaming Lan settings but I will be Checking into it out soon on my son's b450 Pro Carbon as his is only getting 90mbps with it hard wired.
Before we updated his system while he was on a Fx system he was getting 140mbps.

I may get some time over the next couple of days to work with it and will let you know if it gets better.
Thought I would get back with some info.
The Msi Gaming Lan is a Cfos internet shaping program or app that is in the msi app manager section if you downloaded it.
So far I have not gotten any more speed out of trying to use it.
His speed is still capped at 90ish mbps.
My Asus x470 and my wifes ga970 gaming sli get 140+ mbps.
And his old mobo was my old 1 that also got 140+.
It's got to be something with msi mobo's.
I would think unless you are experiencing crashes or some other problems reinstall won't change anything.
Best you could do would be to try to running a cat5 or cat6 to it as wifi is slower then a hardwire.
Good Luck
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