Question WiFi problems with Aorus b450 pro wifi

May 12, 2019
So I build my PC with b450 Aorus pro wifi. With Windows 1809 updated. But the range with on board wifi if too less!

My WiFi is like 5 or 6 steps away and the range just vanishes. How do I know this? I first turned on my hotspot on my mobile and when it was near the range was good and when I took it near my WiFi it vanished.

Aren't on board WiFi connectivity range suppose to be good? What's going on here?
Pretty much the only thing I can think of that can cause this is if the antenna are not properly connected. You can check the setting on the nic but your are best off leaving everything on the default values. The few number of things you can change will in most cases reduce your performance not increase it.

That card should see both 2.4g and 5g signals . In general you get more signal level on 2.4g because it goes through walls better but the 5g will be faster in most cases because it has more radio bandwidth.

You could try turning the computer so the antenna face the router. The metal cases and even the motherboard itself tend to block lots of signal.