Question WiFi stops working when downloading large files/games, but download itself still works fine.

Jul 3, 2020
So, this is an issue that I've never experienced before, until a few weeks ago (I've had my WiFi router for a little over a year now). Basically, whenever I download a large file, say a game from Steam for example, my internet connection across all my devices pretty much cuts out, but the download itself finishes just fine. Whenever something's downloading, I can't open a webpage in chrome, or watch something on netflix, or listen to something on spotify, etc. It's like that one download is hogging up the entire bandwidth, and nothing else can use it until the download finishes, then everything goes back to normal.

Is this a problem with my ISP or my router? I called my ISP, replicated the problem, and they said that everything was fine on their end. So that would lead me to believe that this is a router issue, but I just wanted to ask other people to see if they have experience with this problem.