Will a DDR3 CPU (i7 4790k) gimp the performance of a RAM that is DDR4 3000MHz

Oct 25, 2018
I have a custom PC i built about 5 years ago. i7 4790k (DDR3, 1333/1600), with 8GB of RAM (DDR3, 1600mHz). I am looking to upgrade my RAM, and in doing so need to upgrade to a motherboard so that it is compatible with the RAM. However, does my CPUs memory (DDR3, 1333/1600) in any way hinder the performance of my newer RAM (2 x 8GB, 3000Mhz)
There is no motherboard with DDR4 you can get for i7 4790k. DDR3 is the only RAM it supports.

That being said, DDR3 is perfectly fine, and as long as you have enough of it it won't hinder your performance. There are far more important factors that limit performance than just the type of memory - for example, an actual amount of memory is certainly more important than the type. Besides, your CPU is still plenty fast for whatever task you need (especially when overclocked).

TL;DR - you don't really need DDR4. If you really must upgrade RAM, just need 16GB of DDR3 in a matched dual channel kit of 2 modules. Better upgrade your GPU if it is slow, of get an SSD if you don't have one.

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