Question Will a new router solve my buffering issues ?

Jan 15, 2023
I watch a lot of movies and tv shows on Nexflex, youtub tv, Kodi and other APPS. My internet speed is 15mbps at best, but often it is a lot slower. I am experiencing buffering issues that are becoming very frustrating. I currently have a ASUS RT-AC68R Router, which is several years old. I was considering upgrading to a newer, faster router like a Netgear Nighthawk RAXE 300. But I don't want to spend the money for a premium router if it will not solve my buffering issues. Opinions ?
New fancy router won't help if you end devices can't use the features like wifi6e. The end devices also needs the newer wifi chips and in many devices there is no way to upgrade the wifi nic.

Your current router should have no issues handling that much bandwidth.

Although it might be the wifi I would first try a device using a ethernet cable to the router to eliminate wifi interference as the cause. You could also test using the 2.4 and 5 radio to be see if there is some interference on one radio band and not the other.

15mbps is pretty slow and if it sometimes is less you are going to have to pretty careful. A single device watching netflix at 4k can use 25mbps. So even if you watch a lower resolution if you have multiple at the same time you could be exceeding the bandwidth you have.


Mar 26, 2021
I'd seriously looking into the feature Quality of Service and what frequency you devices are connected based on the position of the router and where the device is being used. Since it's a AC router, which is more than enough even on the higher end plans. Sounds like you are exceeding bandwidth with all your devices that are on or you are having interference. Your devices connected basically in a straight line to the wireless router, so you kinda have to figure out how many obstructions are in the way. 5 ghz can go through walls, but not as well as 2.4 ghz. 5 ghz is shorter distance, and 2.4 ghz is longer. This is kinda why if you have one router you want 2 networks seperately so you can easily tell what network the device is on.

Its kinda a complicated to really understand what is using what. But Quality of Service especially if the router remembers the IP restriction on the device, would do a lot of favors, but then you still need to know where the router is positioned and if the antennas are positioned right for the coverage. Dense populated buildings make it more complicated to figure out how to do things.

Just remember if you have a 50 megabit speed plan, and one device is taking 25 mbps, then you only have 25 available. And sometimes another device will create a struggle on what device needs it more.

Distance also decreases wireless signals. You can have a strong signal, but the bandwidth over distance decreases. So ya there is a lot of factors.


The AC68R can take the same firmware as the AC68U. I would load Merlin Firwmware and enable CAKE QOS. It'll help.

The AC68U/R is a great router with a good processor. It's no slouch, so upgrading to a new router won't help if you're having problems with only 15mbps internet.