Question Will an LGA 115x waterblock fit an LGA 2011/2011-3/2066 CPU?

Dec 7, 2019
Hello there,
I'm curious if an LGA 2066/2011 CPU will fit the Corsair xc7 (LGA 115x) waterblock. So I've asked it in a different thread if an LGA 2066 CPU wiill fit the Corsair xc7 and people have answered that it will not fit and i will have to pick up the xc9 (LGA 2066/2011) instead.
I searched Corsair's website and found both the xc7 and the xc9 waterblocks in LGA 2066/2011 variations...
This is kind of strange, and does it mean that the xc7 and the xc9 have the same plate size, and that an LGA 2066/2011 CPU can fiit the xc7?
Thank you.
We must be looking at different corsair sites then. Nowhere on the xc7 page does it mention 2011/2066. It specifically states the block is compatible with lga 115x and am4. Here's the xc7 tech sheet/cpu compatible page:

You need the xc9. Here's the page
Well dang, lol. I'd assume block/cold plate size is the same then and the difference may be with the brackets/mounting.

Though I'd still lean towards needing the xc9 as it seems it is slightly larger for the larger cpus. But if you do get the xc7, definitely order the 2066 version.