Question Will booting my pc with 6/9 standoffs damage anything?


Jun 23, 2016
Hello you amazing people,

I am building my first PC ever from old parts that I have + new parts I received, so I am learning the process from scratch with user manuals and some research online.
I have pretty much everything installed, but I realized later that my new motherboard (Z170-A) is bigger than the old one that I had (ASUS P8Z77-V LX), and has 9 holes for screws to connect to the chassis instead of 6. I've provided a simple diagram below to show which standoffs are already installed in my chassis relative to the placement of the mobo. I'm planning on buying some standoffs later so I can properly have the mobo mounted, but I'm wondering if I'd be able to boot my pc before then without causing damage from potential shorting. I've read that it would be better to at least have the screws/standoffs installed in the corners, but I want to boot it just to see if I connected everything properly.

(o = standoff installed, x = no standoff)
o o x
o o x
o o x

Any advice would be greatly appreciated, as I'm scared to do any damage to my baby.
Thanks in advance!
The board may seem flexy...and really it is. But flex it too far and solder joints on soldered components will crack. The connections of solder balls, used on some parts like chipsets, are really easy to crack even without flexing the board as you're plugging in a part along the unsupported edge.