Will I damage my GPU while mining?


Nov 30, 2017
I own an alienware 15 R3 with a nvidia 1060 6GB. I have been interested in mining and was curious if i would damage my laptops GPU if I had it mining when I'm not using it. I have a laptop cooling pad that sits angled under it. Using five fans to blow air into it. The cooling pad fans usually keep the GPU around 55-60 degrees Celsius. So the GPU fan doesn't even turn on. This is with mining at a 100% load for an hour, and usually doesn't change hours after. Am I going to damage my laptop GPU?


Dec 18, 2014
Mining isn't going to damage the GPU. However, understand that mining heavily stresses the GPU. 100% load reduces the lifespan faster than normal gaming loads would. From how much profit you'd make, it's not at all worth it to add this strain to your laptop for prolonged periods of time. If you're just trying to experiment and see that it can be done, go for it. There's just no reason to actually mine with it.

Assuming you pay $0.15 per Kw/h (avg cost in US), and completely guessing on your laptops power draw while mining, I'd wager you'd make about 75 cents a day mining 24/7. If you did this all month, never touching your laptop and just letting it mine, you'd make a whopping $22 a month.

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