Question Will intel 10th gen cpus require nw mobos? Also opinions on upgrading from 7700k to 9900k for gaming or wait for 10nm?


Dec 3, 2017
Average user benchmarks show 9900k 26 percent faster than 7700k. Im guessing that translates to a few frames. Im not sure if most games these days are even using 8 cores yet. What do you think? Seems like 10nm may offer twice the performance. With my luck Ill shell out for 9900k and ice lake will destroy it.


You may be waiting awhile for Ice Lake, at least desktop versions. Rumors say laptop versions Winter this year and no desktop versions until 2020. If I were you I'd overclock that 7700K as far as it will safely go and as long as your getting good FPS (you should be) then hold out until the extra performance is needed.

AMD 3rd Gen is releasing a 8C/16T CPU that apparently beats the 9900K at least in some benchmarks and should be released in a couple of months, I'm sure at a lower price as well.
7700K still cranks out VERY respectable gaming performance, usually outframing all Ryzen CPUs in pure gaming, although the 2700X comes close to matching in some newer games that do well with more threads....unless you wish to simultaneously stream, where the R5-2600X and/or 8400K and above can stretch their core and/or 'thread legs' to good effect, while the 7700K is then finally bogged down somewhat to the point of dropping frames, etc..

If a streamer, upgrade....

If not, I'd wait till this summer, as come mid-July, perhaps we will indeed find out if the 3000 series R5/R7 -3x00 8 core truly matches/exceeds the performance of the 9900K. (AMD is preliminarily claiming it matches the 9900K in Cinebench, which would be impressive indeed)


Nov 21, 2014
Probably, usually intel needs a new mobo every 2 gens, so... 8/9 then 10 should need a new chipset and all socket and all.

anyways, ive been waiting for 10th gen as well, was hoping that they got that 10nm problem sorted, but there some rumors that they will still keep going with the 14nm refresh of the refreshed refresh... god....

if thats the case then maybe... just maybe it will still be compatible with 8/9 gen sockets, but i strongly advise to not go for 9th gen if u have 7th gen... im rocking with a 4th 4770k (best processor in all galaxy) and i see no need to upgrade since i get 60 fps on everything at least.
I'm thinking it's definitely worth waiting for. The 7700k is still plenty capable, and, since we don't know yet if 10th gen will need a new mobo, PLUS with 3rd gen Ryzen around the corner, it's definitely a good idea to wait and see how things shake out.

That's even assuming you really need to upgrade at all. If your 7700k is doing the job, then why spend the money for only a few FPS more here and there?