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Question Will my Gigabyte B365m ds3h wifi work for rendering and gaming?

Jun 19, 2020
So i just bought a cheap motherboard on my pc build because of cash issues, i use my pc for graphic design, video editing, 3d rendering and gaming, after i buyed the motherboard, i heard about some negative reviews about the overclocking and the performance on gaming or high works... i don't want my processor to be damaged because of this board
here is my pc specs

  • Gigabyte b365m ds3h wifi
  • i5 9600k
  • Gtx 1070 rog strixx
  • 8gb ram
  • ssd 480gb
  • Seasonic focus 650w Gold
I'm not looking for hardcore gaming, im good just playing with good fps and only high video settings or even mid-high, not looking for ultra stuffs... so i don't really overclock at all, also never did it with my processors, but i might say i rise a bit my fan settings and mhz on my gpu when playing some very high games like RE3 or 2 remake, thats the gaming part, i also work on blender, zbrush and some other 3d software making animations or rendering characters, wich can include heavy work performance, like high end quality lights and shadows, so depending on what im doing, it can just demand a lot of my gpu and cpu when rendering... So my question is, what are the recomendations the do's and dont's to be careful knowing i have this cheap motherboard to keep my other components save, i don't want to go further the limits with this board, just doing what i do, but on a safely way.. its ok if sacrifice some performance on gaming, until fps don't low down...
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The only disadvantage you will have is you can't run your memory faster than 2666MT/s and your can't overclock memory or the CPU because you need a Z series motherboard for that. Otherwise, you won't or shouldn't have an issues with rendering or gaming.
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