Question will my Motherboard support Intel Quad Q9400 cpu?

Sep 21, 2020
hello guys
my System Specs

Motherboard - IG41M3

Soket - LGA 775

Current CPU - Pentium E6700 3.2ghz

Ram - DDR3 1066/800 mhz

PSU - 650watt
i want to upgrade my old pc, will this motherboard support Intel Q9400 CPU? or moded Xeon e5450 cpu?
thanks but there's nothing in the website regarding this model
serial no. 10085
Bummer. The service manual also doesn't have the usual FRU part listing.

Based on what little information we do have, my hunch is that the q9400 would work because the e6700 pentium is 2 years newer than the q9400. Also, I have a gateway sx2803 that originally came with an e6700 pentium and I was able to upgrade it to a q9550. There was little information about this upgrade online as well. Good luck and report back what you find out!

And in case the q9400 doesn't work, the q6600 should work. Also, keep in mind that both of these while they add cores will be slower in single thread performance: