Question Will Roku or Amazon Fire Stick work overseas?


Sep 15, 2013
I am living in South Korea. I purchased a US-made Roku box and connected to my TV via the HDMI port and AC adapter. When I tried to access my Wi-Fi, it could not be detected by the Roku. The Roku uses 802.11 b/g/n dual-band receiver. (I'm thinking that my local Wi-Fi might use a different frequency.) I also had heard that even if could connect to my local Wi-Fi, most of the Roku channels cannot be accessed overseas (except for just a handful of countries now). Does anyone out there have any experience trying to use Roku, Amazon Fire Stick, or Google Chromecast overseas?
Until you get a more exact reply.....

So u have 2 problems.

Problem#1: There is no overseas WIFI standard that I know of. This should work. The fact that you don't know your current WIFI base station is using what frequency is troubling. U may want to talk to whoever set this up. It definitely should work with public WIFI hotspots.

Problem #2: Not all sites are location sensitive. But the ones that do, i.e. Netflix, well as long as u have a Korean Netflix account, that should work. Sites that location-restrict have some sort of local licensing agreement with your country, or not at all. I say resolve your problem#1 first, then one you are able to "get out" try things, that's the fun part of it right? There is no need to jump the gun. Trying doesn't blow anything up and worst is, it doesn't work.