Will this work?


Dec 19, 2012
Hello, sorry if I posted this in the wrong section it seemed right to me. I am just about to buy around 500$ worth of parts but before I do this I wanted to ask for everyone's advice and make sure everything I'm planning will work.

Okay so I already have a computer but I want to stream on Twitch Tv but my computer doesn't run well streaming in its current state so I figure it is time for an upgrade. I'm going to list out my current parts and the new ones and just wish to know if these will all work together.

Current video card ATI Radeon 5700 series
Planning on putting my 1000w power supply in the new build

Okay this is the new parts that I'm putting in.
New motherboard ASRock Z77 Professional LGA 1155
New processor is I7 3770k
Just wondering will I be able to put my power supply and video card in this new build and have it still work.


Nov 6, 2012
It will be perfect. But a 1000w psu would a waste. A 750w golden certified would be much better than a crappy 1000w bronze certified. With your set up, even a 500w will work perfectly.