Question Will upgrading my CPU make a considerable difference in gaming?


Aug 24, 2019
Hello guys, for some context, currently I have a ryzen 3 3200G on a B450 board with a 1650 Super graphics card, I was thinking of upgrading my CPU, but I don't know if doing so would make a significant improvement when gaming (and of course I don't like spending my money if I don't see a noticeable difference)

I have my eyes on the 5600x, if I compare it, it has 6 cores 12 threads while my current CPU has 4 cores 4 threads, also it's 7nm while my current is 14, and it has 32MB of L3 cache while my current has 4MB

what do you say? will it make a big difference on games?


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you'll def see a difference. keep in mind the 1650 super is going to limit you from really going crazy, but overall you will see a difference in more than just games. that was a pretty big performance jump between those gens.

16 gb ram as a minimum will also make a difference if you don't already have that.

i went from a 3600x to a 5900x and can easily see the difference. you'll def not regret the move and it's not really that expensive.

also note i have a 1650 super as well and don't have any problems playing what i want to play. but 1080p at whatever settings is fine for me :)
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Easiest way to check is to open Task Manager, click on the performance tab, and then click on the CPU. Now start up your game and play for a while. Occasionally in your game, tab out to check the performance of your CPU. If it's at or near 100% most of the time while playing, then yes. A CPU upgrade is going to make a difference. Just make sure that your motherboard actually supports the 5000 series AMD Ryzen processors and if so, whether or not a BIOS update is required before install.

-Wolf sends
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Some games are cpu limited, and some are graphics limited.
Try this simple test:
Run YOUR games, but lower your resolution and eye candy.
This makes the graphics card loaf a bit.
If your FPS increases, it indicates that your cpu is strong enough to drive a better graphics configuration.
If your FPS stays the same, you are likely more cpu limited.
Most cpu limited games are limited by the single thread performance of the master thread.(multiplayer may be an exception)
Run the cpu-Z bench on your 3200G and look at the single thread rating.
You should get a number like 440:
A 5600X would be a nice boost to 624.

And, you may need a cpu cooler upgrade too.
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Hey there,

Th short answer is, yes, you will have an increase in FPS by getting a better CPU. A 5600x will typically give about 20% increase in IPC alone, which will boost your FPS. How much of a boost? Well, that depends on the game., but again it can range from 5-15%. Some games are CPU limited which will respond better to a faster CPU. Other games are more GPU limited, and so a GPU upgrade can increase performance substantially, providing you have a CPU capable of driving it.

IMO, ideally, you should consider both a CPU and GPU upgrade, and sell your current parts to offset the cost.

make sure you have an up to date bios, so your board can take the new 5xxx series CPU. Do the bios update with your current CPU. Then simply swap in the new one nad you should be good to go. You might also have to consider a new cooler for the new CPU, so keep that in mind. Also, if you can upgrade both CPU and GPU, then you should consider a strong PSU to go with it.
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