Question Wim files and customized windows installion help

Einari Polkko

Dec 4, 2014
Hello, So ive been trying to make a customized windows 10 install so that it has some basic programs installled. So first i installed windows 10 normally until the OOBE part and skipped it with SHIFT+CTRL+F3 so it starts in audit mode, then i installed the desired programs that i want and shut it down for sysprep then before starting it again i used bootable WinPE and gimagex to export wim files out of it it worked now i have install.wim, efi.wim and a one large wim file (12gb) that gimagex wanted i name it myself.

But now my problem is how i use these wim files to possibly install new windows to another PC or Virtual machine so it haves the programs that i orginally wanted? Do i need to use the install.wim or the bigger wim file ? And what am i supposed to do with these files to possibly use them to install windows.
gimagex is basically a cloning software
you take the .wim file and write it back to any disk with gimagex (apply tab)
If you are comfortable with VM try writing only the 12Gb one first and see if it includes the OS as well otherwise you would have to write the small one first and then the large one.
If it's different partitions you need to write them back to different partitions.

efi.wim is basically useless unless you have a complicated multiboot situation,just prep a disk the way you normally would by using a partition manager and making the first partition primary and bootable.