Win 2000 Professional lockups



Installed Win 2000 Professional 2 weeks ago. Installtion went well and for the most part system seems fairly solid. My only problem is I am getting very random lockups. Happens in a variety of situations so I cannot say I did this and it locks up. (has happened changing folders in Explorer, changing websites in IE, clicking a shortcut etc). The system freezes and I get a clicking noise through the speakers. Ctrl Alt Del is frozen - the whole machine is frozen and must be shut off. My system

AMD 1000 Thunderbird
Abit KT7 Raid
256 PC133 Mem
LeadTek Geforce 32MX
Rockwell 56K modem
Asound Pci sound card
30 Maxtor HD running on IDE1
32X CDROm and 100 Meg Zip running on IDE2
45 Gig HD running on IDE3 (no raid setup)
Dazzle DV Now AV Capture Card

Any ideas on this annoying problem?

Thanks in advance.


Jack Ruetty


Dec 31, 2007
Well, I don't have an answer, but can say that I have had the exact same experience. It used to happen alot with my c366/550 with a bx board and happens rarely with my tbird 1000 on a soyo k7vta-b board. It could be that I don't have my mx300 sound card in the machine anymore, so maybe it was the cause, although I havn't heard of any incompatability issues with the mx300/bx chipset as with the mx300/via chipset. For what its worth, your not the only one that has had those lock-ups (-: