Win 98 Mouse Solution


Aug 16, 2010
Hello all

i have a PC at my dad's shop running a vehicle diagnostics test on a speficied machine running on windows 98, the pc has integrated Touchscreen.

problem is, a few days ago, one of the workers dropped the machine, and screwed up the lcd, now our only solution is to hook it up to a external monitor in order to continue using the machine and its software.

problem is, the machine wasnt supposed to be used withouth the onboard touchscreen monitor, so it only has a keyboard out port.

changing the lcd on this machine is complicated.
is there a way we can hook up a mouse on the computer? if we can we could use the machine with the external monitor without a problem.

the machine has only a keyboard out port. and 1 usb port that is currently being used.

any ideas?

many thanks in advance