win2k on AMD



I cannot get win2k pro to even install--it keeps crashing after setup copies files and tries to load up the OS, giving a fatal system error and a core dump (I think that was what it said--I should have written it down). Is this a problem with AMD-based systems?

tbird 750@750 (tried upping voltage as well)
KT7-RAID (disabled ACPI, raid controller, USB)
128mb pc133 cas2 7ns ram
GTS 2 32mb ddr
PCI2--3com NIC
PCI3--Hauppauge WINTV PCI
PCI4--Aureal SQ2500
ISA/PCI6--USR 56k winmodem (ISA)
Maxtor 20.4gb udma66 4mb cache
Matshita (or whatever) 8x DVD/32x
HP CD-Writer plus 9100

Help please. ;)

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Dec 31, 2007
How do you install W2k, I mean the process: boot from CD, create partition for W2k, format... ? The steps to get to the point of crash would crear the things a little, it is real hard to help if there is no diagnoz, I have KT7 (non-raid) and have none of the above problems with none of the windows. But seams for me that you have a falty hardware somewhere (uncomptible with W2k) in the line. Try to take everything out, leave just a vid card in and install. If that will not help, then for sure harddrive having some probs.

its not too late yet... :smile:


I had a simular problem with Win2k and AMD.
Try to use a PCI video card that win2k supports.
and then update all drivers and via/agp patches.... then install the AGP card, run in safemode and install latest win2k drivers.... this worked for me!!!!


It is more likely you Aureal chipset sound card and the motherboard causing problems, and possibly the VIA drivers if you did not install the ones that came on the ABIT CD or later version. Win2k will install a basic VIA chipset configuration for the varying chipsets, but the latest versions are needed for system stability. If you look in the sound card section you will find posts about Win2k and Aureal sound cards. Remove the card for a day, no sound for a day, and see if it locks up, be sure to remove the Aureal installation files. If it cures the problem, get a Creative SB Live card, as they run perfectly with Win2k, besides, Aureal is no longer and Creative bought them killing any further support for the Aureal products!