Win2k or 98SE



Hello everyone:) I know all of you have answered this question before, but if you could answer it just one more time.
---->win2k or win98se?<----

I am a gamer:) I play mostly modern games, such as Medal of Honor and Return to Castle Wolfenstein. So I want an OS that will be stable but quick. I also would like an OS that I could keep up for a couple days without restarting or having system resources hit the floor. I have been using 98SE for a while now, with very little trouble. But I feel OS technology is passing me by. So I have tried XP. I didn't like it. My only other choice is win2k. Now another thing that has kept me from installin win2k right away would be that my second harddrive has a lot of stuff on there that I really need. But it is way to much to be backed up, well over 30 cd's to back up. That harddrive is running FAT32. Now if I installed win2k I would like to use NTFS on to my primary drive. If I went through with that, would the harddrives work with each other. Or should I just stay with good ol' FAT32?

my configuration is as follows:
256 ddr 2100
60 gb -master
60 gb - slave
asus a7v266-e
gf2 ti/500

Thank you for your time:)


Feb 5, 2002
2k, and there never too much stuff to backup. 30 cd's is 6$ , not a terrible price to pay for your stuff =p.

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May 17, 2001
win 2k can read fat/fat32 and ntfs, however if your BOOT drive was ntfs, options for dual boot are out, and it may give you problems (depending on how experience you have) trying to go back to fat32 if you wanted 98 back on there (which I cant imagine you would....) As for backup, DO IT!!! as mentioned, cd's are cheap, and HDD's dont always give warning signs.

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