win2k sound problem



Hi all, I'm having some problem playing mp3s in win2k, hope you guys can give me a hand.

The speakers are giving me static noises and even cracking sound when I use my windows while playing mp3s with winamp. For example, it gives me static noises when I click on start button, when I right click to access menus, and even cracking sound when I minimize, maximize, scroll, and navigate graphics intensive websites. Sometimes the songs even skip!! (yes, the songs are in the harddrive, not CD, and there's nothing wrong with the mp3 files)

I have exchanged speakers with my roommate, same problem.
I have exchanged soundcard with my roommate (same soundcard), same problem on my computer, but everything fine on his.

So I have concluded the problem is not my speakers & soundcard. Since my roommate is using win2k, i thought maybe it's a win2k issue. I have a PCI voodoo4 sharing the same IRQ with my SB Live! (IRQ 11), so I thought maybe that is the problem. But my other friend has a dell machine using win2k, his system is setup having his Rage 128 Pro sharing the same IRQ (9) with his SoundMax soundcard.

I am using the ECS K7S5A motherboard, and I have already disabled the onboard soundcard.

Has anyone experienced similar problem before? What could be the cause?

Thank you guys so much!!


Feb 6, 2001
Yep, pops and cracks!
Change the slots around, that generally fixes it...

And who knows, IRQ sharin or DMA channel, or shared memory???
Swapin slots around should get it!


Oct 3, 2001
I know EXACTLY what the cause is.

The PCI video card. When you scroll (this webpage for instance) it sends video data across the PCI bus to the video card. The sound card is also trying to use the PCI bus. The sound data doesn't get lost or corrupted but it does get delayed a bit. This is enough of a delay that your soundcard will be forced to drop some data hence the crackling.

Switch to an AGP video card and your problems will magically go away, I guarantee it.


Apr 10, 2001
Crashman recommended the Aureal Vortex2 SQ2500 SuperQuad for $14 at <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>. Here's the thread on that one: <A HREF="" target="_new">SB Live popping and cracking</A>

I have an SB Live, but I'm thinking of buying one of these and maybe trying to sell my SB Live off eBay or something.

Problem solved. Please check out <A HREF="" target="_new">My Website</A>.


Feb 9, 2001
That sux.

My laptop does the same thing, but that's because it has a 66mhz FSB.
I've got to say your drivers are screwed. It could be your PCI vid card too, because SB live likes to take over the PCI bus.