Win2k upgrading???


Dec 31, 2007
I am thinking about upgrading a computer at my office to windows 2000 pro. It meets all the requirments but i would like to upgrade as all my software is perfectly configured and would take many hours to get back to the way it is now. How stable is the upgrade and what is the best (if there is a best) method to go about upgrading? I would just like to know of any success story's and some techniques that work for people. Thank you!!!


The only thing(s) I would recommend (haveing been in that position), If possible use a utility like PowerQuest's DriveImage Pro to copy the existing OS's partitions to another harddrive. It's the ultimate "BackUp" if something goes wrong.

Check ALL of the hardware (especially the printer) for latest/Win2k drivers, Yes they can be downloaded easly but that assumes that your modems working. Haveing them on the harddrive before the upgrade is much safer.

Make sure you do the upgrade with a copy of Win2k that's allready at service pack 1. if you have an older/original copy of Win2k download the NetWork copy of service pack 1 (85Mb) Copy the Win2k install files to your harddrive & run the servics pack with the /S:pathtoinstallfiles switch (Theres a much better explanation in the servicepack's help file)

Thats all I can think of
Stoic Joker
Which will upgrade the Win2k installation files