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Aug 8, 2013
Hi all
Can anyone advise where l can download a win7 iso file please? Microsoft will not allow the download as win7 was provided with the laptop (installed by the manufacture). Asus customer service advise l must send the laptop in for repair as they cant send me an iso file.
Laptop is unable to accept reinstalation of win10 as the instalation corrupts half way through. All caused by graphic driver conflicting with win10. No new graphics driver made as unsupported hardware. Win7 my only hope of getting this running again.

Math Geek

there is no official win 7 iso without getting it from MS. if they won't allow it, then you are pretty much stuck. when i needed one i had to find a friend who still had a win 7 disk and make the iso myself. i've been guarding that iso with my life since then since i know how hard it will be to find untouched again.

with this tool i was able to grab the win 7 2018 iso from i tested it with the pro iso but it looks like the other iso's work as well. i'm gonna test it out in a vm just to be sure but it looks legit. your key should work but be sure to get the right version to match the key you have. i suggest the 64-bit version as the key will work either way and its better to have that one than to need it later on and not be able to get it.

save that iso and back it up in multiple places cause who knows how long MS will even host the file since it is EOL. create your install media however you wish using whatever tool you like. rufus works as does a ton of other options. good luck.
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