Win98 usb adapter to win7. Can I open program in win98?

Aug 8, 2018
Getting prepared here. Got a usb/HD adapter ordered to connect my win98 hd to my win7 computer. Can I open a program in the win98 HD and run it?

I ask because I installed my very old program in win7 and it opened, but I only have 13 opens left, as I need to register in new computer.

However, when I clicked on the link to register, there is no such page anymore to register to. So I am very limited in what I can do and when.

If in wrong forum, please place propery.

Thanks for any help.



Nov 19, 2013
It depends on the program. If the program uses system variables to locate files to load, it probably won't find them as those variables will point to your Win7 directories. Another issue is compatibility.

For one thing, nobody has used Win98 in nearly 20 years. And if the page to register the software no longer exists, well, a lot of companies have vanished in 20 years. Have you tried googling for it? Or perhaps, look for a more updated alternative?

If the program was registered in Win98, and it installed ok in Win7, you might be able to copy the files over from 98 and rewrite the existing ones in 7. One of the files may contain the registration details needed.
Aug 8, 2018
Thank you for your help Phaelax. Much appreciate your time and efforts.

I received my adapter earlier than I was suppose to, in fact this morning.
Turns out I was able to open the program using the win98 hd. At least there is no 13 opens left before I have to register it.

I went into program files (86), and found the .exe file.

But I had to import the backup, don't know why, but it worked. Seems to work ok, so I guess I have accomplished my goal.

I still wish I could get my old win98 computer working as there are other programs I would like to run. Win7, even compatibility set to win98 or 95 won't work.

There is no lithium battery, nor is there any plug/cable to a battery. It is an ACER ap5c board, 1996. With power off, Jumper 13 has zero volts. No battery voltage.

However, with the computer powered On, there is 5.05 volts on Jumper 13. I don't understand it.

Earlier this spring, all worked just great, including my HP 820 Cxi printer.