Window Minimizes while playing a game- PMA?

May 28, 2018
So this issue has been going on for a little while. It seems to only happen while playing a video game. After about 30-45min, the game would try to minimize- sometimes, like playing a game like Fallout, the game would entirely minimize. Sometimes it would cause the game to crash. So checking out the internet, a program was suggested to monitor what could be the culprit. I downloaded and installed Windows Focus Logger- Adminscope. I ran it and sure enough, when playing Fallout:NV (the new mod for it- rocks!) something called PMA popped up and was what cause the game to minimize. Did some online research on what that is- looks like it is MS Windows Performance that is the cause. How can I prevent it from doing this again? Is there a way I can turn it off? I am not worried about performance as my PC is more than capable of running games. Thanks for the help and advice!


PMA stands for Microsoft Windows Performance Monitor data file. Its likely created by Performance monitor

I can't see a way to stop it tracking as that is its job. that link shows how to use it, perhaps look at the report it created (the PMA file) and see if it says why it was created. By default it only tracks processor time, so maybe it pops up if Game is running 100% CPU. Just a guess.

have a look in event viewer around the time of a crash and see if anything there mentions PMA

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